Our Objectives are to ensure Healthcare accessibility to consumers, which is simple, transparent and available anytime/anywhere – Welcome to DocOnline!

DocOnline is a brand that provides quick online doctor consultation for all. Healthcare reach has always been a challenge across the globe and especially in India. We understood Healthcare accessibility and affordability should be one of the basic tenets available to all human beings. This needs to be simple, transparent and trustworthy. DocOnline as an idea was built on this!


To contribute to health and well-being of every patient by providing the best Healthcare services while redefining the Patient – Doctor interaction delivered on digital technology platform and processes, so that people live happier, healthier and lead more productive lives. Doconline aspires to achieve the following within 3 Years of its inception -

  • Be amongst Top 3 Healthcare service providers in South East Asia
  • Touching 2 million plus lives
We aim to provide disruptive Healthcare which is affordable & accessible!


We are on a journey and for that journey we need the best team. We are doing this together and we share the same passion for work. Everyone is important!

Donald Sällqvist – DocOnline Chairman
Donald Sällqvist
- Chairman

Donald advises DocOnline on corporate governance and ethical practices. Following his engineering and IFL business leadership education, Donald served as the co-owner and Vice President in Deve Schindler AB and as the Chairman of the board in a number of the company's international subsidiaries. He participated in the growth of the industrial group Garpco AB as a co-owner and board member. He was also a member of the board at Credit Service A/S, a financial services company based in Oslo, Norway. Donald also acted as advisor for IVT Industrier AB (now part of Bosch GmbH) in Sweden. He has been a trusted board member of Fortnox AB ever since the company was founded.

Marcus Thomasson – DocOnline Board Member
Marcus Thomasson
- Board Member

Marcus brings an eCommerce perspective to DocOnline, thus defining the interaction and customer experience. Marcus founded several technology companies within the Nordics. He was the co-founder of the largest e-commerce platform of ink and perfume goods within the Nordics as well as Nox Finans, an e-invoice/factoring platform to Fortnox AB, the largest SaaS based ERP provider in the Nordics. Marcus invests in IT start-ups through a company he founded in Sweden.

Team Member
Christer Nilsson
- Board Member and Co-founder

Christer advises DocOnline on managing growth from being a start-up to a large company. Christer started his career with ABB Fläkt Industri AB before founding and leading his own companies within IT. He then turned into an angel investor, investing in over 50 new businesses. He was appointed as the President of the board at ATLE Venture and a board member at ATLE Företagskapital and at Computerland (now Sygnity), one of the largest IT companies in Poland, which he also co-founded. Christer currently manages his own company and holds positions as board member in Fortnox AB and Nordic E-Commerce Group AB among others. He is also a member of Tillväxtanalys Kapitalmarknadsråd.

Markus Moding – DocOnline CEO and Co-founder
Markus Moding
- CEO and Co-founder

Markus brings his vision to DocOnline besides defining the go-to-market strategy. Over the past 15 years, Markus has built and executed go-to-market strategies in the software-as-aservice domain. He turned an angel investor in 2015 and is involved in several companies like SkyMap, which is the leading Nordic company that drives innovation in designing and developing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, also known as drones) and 3D visualization. Markus is a trustee member of the board at Quedro, a leading CRM software for real estate brokers in Nordics and Northern Europe

Johan Idemyr – DocOnline Board Member and Co-founder
Johan Idemyr
- Board Member and Co-founder

Johan provides the technology vision at DocOnline, making sure its platform is very consumable. Johan is an Electronics engineer, with a career spanning over 18 years at Ikea including designing the point-of-sale solution for Ikea stores worldwide. He was also overseeing the quality assurance and store design services for Ikea, thus, ensuring their world famous quality is maintained through service-level agreements with vendors across the world. Johan has also dabbled in entrepreneurship with Documents, a document handling solutions company, he founded. He currently resides in Berlin and invests in startups through his company, Idemyr Management Services.

Markus Moding – DocOnline CEO and Co-founder
Markus Moding
- CEO and Co-founder

Markus bring his vision to Doconline besides defining the go-to-market strategy. Markus has over the past 15 years, built and executed go to market strategies in the software-as-a-service domain. He turned angel investor in 2015 and is involved in several companies like SkyMap which is the leading Nordic company driving innovation in designing and developing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, also known as drones) and 3D visualization. Markus is a trustee member of the board at Quedro, a leading CRM software for real estate brokers in Nordics and Northern Europe

Rahul Paith – DocOnline Chief Operating Officer
Rahul Paith
- Chief Operating Officer

Rahul oversees the execution of strategy and ensures alignment to the vision across DocOnline. Rahul has worked for over a decade in the healthcare domain developing and launching new products, and setting up ventures/businesses in and outside India. He has worked with healthcare companies like Medtronic besides working with several startups in the Healthcare domain. Rahul is an alumni of NIT Jamshedpur and IIM Lucknow.

Sai Prasad Chakilam – DocOnline Chief Technology Officer
Sai Prasad Chakilam
- Chief Technology Officer

Sai cements the technological backbone of the organization. Armed with 17 plus years of experience in planning, designing, developing & implementing IT solutions and platforms; expertise in the areas of Global Delivery, Development, Program Management, Application Engineering, Customer Service. Worked in Healthcare, Retail, Digital marketing and Learning Management domains. Sai cements the technological backbone of the organization. Having worked with major logos across the world and garnered experience from diverse regions like North America, Europe, UK, the Middle east and APAC, he brings about the global approach. Fundamentally, a strong technical architect, Sai is an out-of-the-box thinker with experience in attaining customer delight for Managed Services businesses by driving best practices, identifying control weaknesses and developing & instituting process changes.

Gautam Billore – DocOnline Alliance Manager
Gautam Billore
- Alliance Manager

Gautam oversees strategic alliances and growth at DocOnline. Gautam is a business consultant with deep experience in banking business with stints at IDBI Bank and Punjab National Bank. He also worked at Nozomi Infotech, a Tokyo-based banking solution developer. He brings strong international business acumen to DocOnline and currently oversees strategic alliances, and designing ideas for faster business growth.

Team Member


Our Vision is “We want to make healthcare available for everyone, anytime and anywhere”


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