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Safety Health Tips for a Happy Diwali!

By DocOnline | Posted on November 6, 2018

Here comes the festival of lights! The sight of lamps illuminating the houses, the sound of firecrackers, the sparks from ‘rockets’ brightening the night sky, the delicious sweets and the warm greetings – all seem to engulf us in a warm blanket of festivity and togetherness.

As this pious festival is to be celebrated in full gusto, certain safety precautions and health tips need to be observed.

These are as follows :

Safety with firecrackers : Use good quality crackers. Burst crackers in open areas only. Keep a fire extinguisher handy and also few buckets of water and sand. Light the crackers from a distance so that there is no possibility of your clothes catching fire. In addition to bursting the crackers, it is also important to have an effective way to dispose them.

First Aid Box : While precaution is better than cure, one should also be prepared to deal with an accident. A first aid kit should always be within one’s reach and necessarily contain ointments for burns, bruises and other instances.

Air Pollution : The bursting of crackers and other fireworks result in air and noise pollution. Mishandling of crackers and having them burst at close ranges can affect both, sight and hearing. Similarly, one should light the sparklers by keeping them at a distance from your eyes. The smoke generated can cause breathing problems. Hence, one needs to be sensitive, exercise restrain and wisely choose the fireworks for the occasion.

Proper clothes and covered footwear : Do not wear synthetic clothes as they easily catch fire. Instead, wear cotton clothes. Besides, when it comes to footwear, one should wear covered footwear to avoid any kind of injury.

Diwali Sweets : What is Diwali without its sweets? Of course, it’s about the diverse array of sweetmeats that spread the message of love and togetherness amongst all. While they are tempting, one should exercise moderation regarding their consumption. Besides, to avoid overeating during the festival, one should preferably not have a heavy breakfast and lunch. Instead one can intake about six small meals that can see one going well throughout the day. The idea is to eat right at the right time and in the right amount.

So, come Diwali and celebrate this festival of lights with great pomp and joy. Stay Safe and Spread Happiness. Happy Diwali!

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