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DocOnline combines the latest of technology with the knowledge and experience of the best GP (General Practitioner/Physician) doctors to make healthcare easier. Using DocOnline services through the web/mobile app, one can avail either video/audio consultations, chat with an expert general physician, get investigations done, obtain prescribed medicines, update their health profiles, or view all their medical records through EHR anywhere and anytime!

It’s that simple.

DocOnline can be used by anyone above the age of 18 years of age, with a secure identification process. At the same time, you can also book appointments here on behalf of your children who maybe under 18 years of age.

DocOnline is an Online Doctor Consultation Platform. We assure standardization of our quality services to deliver satisfied consultation to the end user. All our doctors are highly qualified & experienced in treating your medical concerns in the most efficient manner.

Using our Mobile App, you can get connected to a doctor within fifteen minutes from anywhere (through mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop with network connectivity)!

Yes, you need an Internet connection to book any kind of consultation – audio/ video call or chat. Internet connection is essential for the purpose of booking a call. Thereafter, one can have a regular telephonic consultation without any Internet.

Although it is recommended to use a secure Wi-Fi Internet connection for the best possible experience, our services also work fine with 3G or 4G connection.

DocOnline is unfortunately not involved in emergency services or chronic illnesses. DocOnline only provides primary care services through its General Physician (GP) doctors. In case of any emergency, call the 108 Service or visit your closest Hospital/Healthcare facility.

DocOnline services are not available outside India at present, but we are working on expanding globally!

DocOnline services are available across India, where our online Healthcare platform and Doctor Consultations could be availed by anyone in India!

All information concerning appointments and medical records are subject to strict confidentiality, which are in accordance with the legal framework.

Only the information that you update in your Health Profile, and the prescriptions provided by the consulting doctors are available for viewing and can be seen in ‘My Appointments’.

There are two types of appointments – (1) Waiting and (2) Scheduled

Waiting Appointment: Connects you to the doctor in the immediate next available time slot within 15-30 minutes.

Scheduled Appointment: Book a time slot for a doctor consultation in advance as per your convenience.

If you miss an appointment, you can check the immediate time slots for doctor consultation that are available. Subsequently, you can also book an appointment. Since DocOnline is a subscription model, you can avail unlimited doctor consultations for your subscription period.

After completion of consultation call, the doctor generates a prescription, which gets updated to your medical records. In case of a chat, you always have access to the chat history.

At the end of the consultation, you will be receiving the doctor's prescription in an e-prescription format. The e-prescription will be sent to your email and you can also view it in ‘My Appointments’ section of the App. Using this, you can order/ purchase medicines from any pharmacy in India.

Note: Doctors at DocOnline cannot prescribe medication that are classified as Narcotic Drugs.

Don’t worry! On behalf of your dependents, you can always book a time-slot. They will get a call on the given phone number at the specific time, and all they need to do is receive it.

There is also a provision for an ‘appointment reminder’ through a SMS notification that will be sent to your registered mobile number prior to the consultation.

Unfortunately, you cannot book both the appointments at the same time from the same account. Instead, you can schedule the appointments at two different timings.

DocOnline provides Doctor Consultation online through GP’s (General Physicians). We maintain high standards and our efforts are to ensure 100% quality assurance in services and offerings. DocOnline attempts to provide the best teleconsultation with any doctor, thus helping patients resolve their problems at the earliest. The focus is to provide the best in-class online consultation experience with doctors, that can be easily availed from anywhere.

It depends on the doctor's availability and the time of your call. However, you will not experience any difference in the quality of treatment. This is because after every consultation, your medical history is updated so that the subsequent doctor can take off from exactly where the previous consultation had ended.

Moreover, all the doctors at DocOnline are highly qualified and are very well experienced in their fields. In this manner, we ensure standardization of treatment and assure you of the best of services.

Health cards or the insurance card may provide you with 1 or 2 free consultations or a discounted rate. However, by using our app, you can avail unlimited consultations for your whole family. You can consult from your home or your office and thus, avoid the unnecessary waiting time at hospitals/clinics for getting appointments. Here, you avoid wasting time in activities such as travelling/waiting and can also opt to get medicines delivered straight to your doorsteps.

Thus, DocOnline saves your time and health, apart from being extremely affordable!

We assure you that all our conversations are secured as we use the highest standards of technology through which your calls are encrypted and cannot be accessed by any means.

A General Physician is normally the first consultation for any medical condition. Our doctors help you address your basic/non-emergency medical conditions, where our chief objective is to ensure Preventive Healthcare.

As we follow a set protocol for treatment with a group of highly qualified and experienced doctors, we assure only the best quality of treatment.

However, in the unlikely event where you are not satisfied after the consultation, you can book another consultation where you’ll be assigned another doctor. After every consultation, your medical history is updated so that the subsequent doctor can take off from exactly where the previous consultation had ended.

Nowadays, people are well-educated and can easily procure information since it is available in abundance - but often, this leads to misdiagnosis. On the other hand, Doconline provides online doctor consultations from expert doctors, while also being extremely affordable.

For any queries please do reach out to us on our customer support services, where you can always raise a concern. You can also reach us at - +91 – 8822 126 126, where we are available from 9 AM to 9 PM (Monday to Saturday).

We strictly comply with the legal aspect and maintain ethical standards. Keeping this in view, we ensure that your data is secure and available for 3 years from the date of your subscription.

DocOnline has tied-up with Med Plus, which facilitates the delivery of medicines at your doorsteps.