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Rs. 2400/year

Includes upto 4 family
members Familymembers

Unlimited video/phone consultation with experienced doctors allows you and your family members to get treatment and regular follow-ups from your home. Our friendly doctors will help simplify your healthcare journey with guidance and motivation to ensure you return to good health soon.

The health check-up is an essential step in your preventive health journey. It helps to identify health risks and get early treatment to stay in good health. The home blood check-up will help understand the risk for diabetes, thyroid, cholesterol, kidney, and liver functioning assesses immunity levels with complete hemogram, Iron, and vitamin deficiencies.

The pharmacy benefit entitles you to order free medicines. You can reach our online pharmacy partners with a valid prescription to avail of this benefit.

Save up to 20% on your day-to-day health expenses with discounts on diagnostic tests, medicines, and treatment. The majority of the services are delivered at your doorstep, empowering each family member to manage health with comfort and freedom.

  • Health Care Membership also supports COVID care during quarantine/isolation with doctor consultation & diagnostic discounts. Health Care
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  • Health Care 70% Reduction in annual OPD visits
  • Health Care 50% Reduced expenses due to healthcare cost and time spent
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