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Sexual health is an essential component of good health. Sexual health disorders are highly prevalent in the general population, though sexual dysfunction issues are usually not reported due to stigma and hesitation associated with it.

About Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunction denotes the psychological, emotional or physical issues that prevent the individual /couple from experiencing satisfaction during sexual activity.

The prevalence of sexual disorders in males ranges from 10 to 52% and 14% in females in India.

Prevalence of Sexual Dysfunction in Indian Population

Types of sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is classified as below

Classification of sexual dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunction Description
Desire disorders or libido disorders Lack of interest in sex
Arousal disorders Difficult/ Impossible to become physically aroused during sexual activity
Orgasm disorders Delay or absence of orgasm
Pain disorders Pain during intercourse
Hormone deficiency
  • Reduced estrogen in females
  • Low testosterone levels in males

Symptoms of Sexual Dysfunction

Both men and women can present with a lack of interest in sex, difficulty to arouse, and pain during intercourse.

Symptoms in Men

Symptoms of sexual dysfunction in men

Symptoms Problems
Inability to achieve or maintain a full erection Erectile dysfunction
Early ejaculation or Delayed ejaculation Premature ejaculation

Prevalence of sexual dysfunction in Indian male

Symptoms in Female source

  • Inability to achieve orgasm (common)
  • Inadequate vaginal lubrication
  • Pain during intercourse

Causes of sexual dysfunction

Management of Sexual Dysfunction

The treatment includes stress management, psychological counseling, sex education, avoidance of risk factors (smoking, alcohol), correction of underlying cause and medications under the supervision of the doctor.

Sexual Wellness

Sexual wellness is a state of complete physical, emotional, mental and social well-being related to sexuality. Practicing sexual wellness leads to an enriched quality of life and a greater sense of well-being. 

Advice for Healthy Sexual Life

Getting vaccinated to prevent infections such as Hepatitis B and Human Papilloma Virus is important.

Adopting suitable birth control measures to prevent unwanted pregnancies and complications that can follow.

The following measures can be adopted

  • Avoid holding urine for a long duration
  • Females should clean the vagina from front to back after urination
  • Clean up after the act of sexual intercourse
  • Drink plenty of oral liquids
  • Maintain a healthy body weight
  • Avoid alcohol, tobacco chewing, and caffeine
  • Opt for a high fiber diet
  • Maintain personal hygiene

Why is sex education important?

Sex education is an important need of the hour owing to the adoption of a modern lifestyle. It should begin right from the school going age group.

Goals of sex education

  • To make children and adolescent understand the body structures of men and women
  • Acquire knowledge of gender and sex
  • Responsibility and respect of oneself and others

Adolescents and young people need to be educated properly as they are involved in risky sexual behaviors with a lack of contraception. Thus, they are rendered more susceptible to adverse outcomes such as gender-based violence, gender inequality, early and unintended pregnancies, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Sex education helps them avoid such pitfalls.

If you are an adolescent or have any sexual health-related issues, do not hesitate to talk to a Sexologist. We are committed to keeping the Patient’s information confidential at DocOnline.


Educate yourself, exercise regularly, medical screening and don’t hesitate to ask for help from a doctor.

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