We have designed
your employees'

DocOnline has designed an easy-to-adopt program that takes care of the healthcare needs of your employees and their families.

Towards their wellbeing
and happiness

We bring healthcare closer to them of course! Employees find it hard to cope with poor health when they have pressures at work. Doctors at DocOnline are now accessible to your employees online.

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Improved productivity
and happiness

We have employed the finest doctors who can assist you and your family via mobile app, chat and video to resolve and overcome their healthcare challenges. Now, you need not go to a hospital unless you are advised to do so.

Making Workplaces Healthy

Getting over a nagging health issue with the help of an accessible, friendly doctor encourages people to feel well at work and flourish in their jobs. Be done with appointments and long waiting times to see your doctor.

And families of joy

DocOnline is your trusted partner to make a doctor available when you are unwell, so you can get back to work quickly.