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How DocOnline services can benefit an organisation ?

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We will help your company to become more efficient

By using DocOnline at your company the employees has no need of absence to see a GP doctor any more. Help your employees to get help faster by using our service.


This is our continuous endeavor to provide the best user experience and support and we are comitted towards providing the most convenient service in healthcare


All our doctors are MCI registered and worked with renowned brands of Hospitals


An organization can benefit in monetary terms by using Doconline srevices by improving their productivity index and this can be calculated by using Doconline calculator

Offering DocOnline to our employees was a no brainer. The Productivity value is obvious and it seeds a strong cultural message; all of a modest cost per employee.

– Hari Krishna - CEO, Jayeesha Software Pvt. Ltd.

A healthier,

Your people deserves the best

With DocOnline, your employees always have a doctor in their pocket, which will help them to get healthy and help them to avoid any unnecessary absence from work.

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Don't wait anymore, get started with our mobile app. We have both android and IOS based application for your convinience. You can also use the desktop application.
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