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When a person goes through the feeling of sadness over a long duration and often experiences intense sad and hurtful feelings even without no apparent reason, it is called depression. More simply stated, it is a continuous low mood over a long time, affecting both the mental and physical health.


The exact cause of depression is not known. It could result from trauma (like loss of someone near to whom one has been deeply emotionally attached to and is unable to cope up with the loss). It is also a buildup of events that subconsciously pulls one down leading one to spiral within oneself, as though drowning within oneself so much so that they are not receptive or oblivious to external surroundings.

Besides, there are other personal factors like some life events that present continuous ongoing difficulties. These difficulties can arise out of long-term work stress, unemployment, abusive relationship, loneliness and more.

  • Depression can run in families and a family history of genetics supports the cause.
  • Personality traits: Those who are anxiety prone, people suffering from poor self-esteem or even those ardent demanding perfectionists or those with who are especially sensitive to personal criticism suffer from depression.
  • Serious Medical Illness: Stress and several illnesses, coping with them can often lead to depression. Often it is the stress and worry of coping with a serious illness that triggers depression. For instance, situations where one is dealing with long-term management of chronic pain.
  • Drug and Alcohol induced: Depression can be a result of drugs and alcohol.


People with depression may experience the following:

  • Mood: Indifference, discontent, apathy, hopelessness, guilt, lack of interest, unable to enjoy pleasurable activities that otherwise bring joy, sadness and mood swings
  • Whole body: Lethargy, loss of appetite, excessive hunger or restlessness.
  • Weight: Weight gain or weight loss
  • Sleep: Excessive sleepiness, insomnia, early awakening also characterized by restless sleep
  • Behavioural: Excessive crying, irritability, or social isolation
  • Cognitive: Lack of concentration, slowness in activity, repetition of thoughts and experiencing suicidal tendencies are also common.


  • Identification: If one is prone to depression then self-awareness and corrective action holds the key – understanding what triggers it. By knowing the triggers, one can prevent oneself from getting sucked into depression. For instance, irregular sleeping hours and forcing oneself to stay up in the night can take a toll on the health, which can precipitate depression. Also, avoiding intake of some food/drink that make the body react in an uncomfortable way or affects the mood. For instance, coffee can give headaches or migraines to some.
  • Setting goals: Not being able to achieve goals can make one feel miserable. Hence, the idea is to start with something as small as organizing your cupboard to your satisfaction. These small steps of confidence can brew your confidence again.
  • Exercise: Proper exercise leads to good blood circulation throughout the body. This is important for the brain and for the cells in the body to get adequate oxygen for healthy functioning, which is minimized in depression cases.
  • Eating healthy: Depression can cause one to overeat or abstain from food completely. It is important that one treats the body well and family members should see to it that the affected person’s health needs are properly taken care of. Foods, rich in folic acid (e.g. avocado and spinach) and omega-3 fatty acids (e.g. tuna and salmon) can help ease depression.
  • Getting enough sleep: This is essential. Establishing regular sleeping patterns help to transform for the better. Switching off electronic gadgets, reading a book while going to sleep and also intake of warm milk helps. Good sleep balances the functioning of the left and the right hemispheres of the brain, bringing about a sense of peace and calmness – very much needed for depressed patients.

Should these efforts not work, one can ask a doctor online for privacy issues to reinstate normal health.

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