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Sinuses are air containing empty spaces in certain bones of skull. Four are present on each side. Namely maxillary (the largest), frontal, anterior/posterior ethmoidal and sphenoidal sinuses. It could be Acute or Chronic sinusitis. Acute inflammation of sinus mucosa causes excessive blood flow to the organs, fluids oozing, and increased activity of serous and mucous glands, thus destroying normal layer of sinuses. Whereas in chronic inflammation, infection lasts for months to years. The most important cause of chronic sinusitis is failure to resolve acute infections and to correct underlying deformity DNS (deviated nasal septum).

Functions of sinuses:

  • Air conditioning of the inhaled air by providing larger surface area over which the air is humidified and warmed.
  • To provide resonance to voice.
  • To lighten the skull bones.
  • To act as thermal insulators to protect the delicate structures in the orbit and the cranium from variations of intranasal temp.


Nasal infections, mainly sinus mucosa, is a continuation of nasal layer and infections from nose can travel directly leading to viral rhinitis followed by bacterial invasion.

Obstruction of air movement in the sinuses and drainage caused by deviated nasal septum, Nasal polyps, enlargement of nose leads to difficulty in breathing. Besides, dental infections, trauma to the sinuses, swimming and diving are some causes.

Environmental: Sinusitis is common in cold and wet climate. Atmospheric pollution, smoke dust also predisposes to sinus infection. Also, poor general health, low immune levels also pertain in causing sinusitis.


Patients present with frontal headache is severe and localized over the affected sinus. Periodic headaches occur on waking up, gradually increases and reaches its peak by midday and then starts subsiding. Tenderness around the sinuses is severe. Edema in the upper eyelid. Nasal discharges are also present.

Chronic symptoms would be purulent nasal discharge most common with foul smell. There is also nasal stuffiness and loss of sense of smell.

Diagnosis is made by clinical features mentioned and by CT Scan of PNS (Para nasal sinus).

Should you experience such symptoms see a doctor at the earliest.


Medical management includes antimicrobial drugs, nasal decongestant drops, analgesics, and steam inhalation. Hot fermentation is local heat to the affected sinuses, which is often soothing and helps in the resolution of inflammation. Acute sinusitis is managed mostly medically, and rare cases lead to surgery.

Chronic sinusitis treatment is based on the etiological factors mentioned above. Initial treatment is conservative, including antibiotics, antihistamines, decongestants and irrigation of sinuses.

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