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Peptic ulcer disease (PUD) is a common health issue in India owing to the habit of consumption of spicy food, undue intake of tea, coffee, tobacco and taking pain killers.

Stomach Pain & Ulcers

WHO reported that PUD deaths in India accounted for 0.66% of total deaths in the year 2017. The age-adjusted death rate is 5.79 per 100,000 of the population.

Peptic ulcer Disease in India

Peptic ulcer disease in India

Stomach Pain Vs Ulcers

Stomach pain is caused by infection, inflammation or disease of the GI tract and internal organs

Types of Stomach pain

Peptic Ulcer

An “ulcer” is an open sore or break in the healthy mucosal lining of the stomach or duodenum. Gastric ulcer and Duodenal ulcers are the 2 common types of peptic ulcers.

Peptic ulcer

Peptic Ulcer

Causes of Stomach Ulcers in Indians

Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori is a bacteria) infection and the use of NSAIDs are two important causes of PUD in Indians.

  • H.Pylori infection: The research reports 80 % of gastric ulcers and 90 % of duodenal ulcers are positive for H. Pylori.
  • Drugs: Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDs (like Aspirin ) used for the long term and some anticancer agents are known to cause (PUD).
  • Lifestyle factors: Smoking and alcohol consumption are other risk factors.
  • Severe physiologic stress
  • Genetics: > 20% of patients have a family history of duodenal ulcers.

So, should you experience stomach pain recurrently or with cramps, talk to a GP for advice.

Symptoms of Ulcers

Stomach pain is the most common symptom of both gastric and duodenal ulcers.

  • Duodenal ulcer pain is often relieved by taking food.
  • Gastric ulcer pain starts within 1 to 3 hours after taking food.

It is relieved by taking antacids.

Other common symptoms of peptic ulcer may include

  • Indigestion
  • Bloating after eating
  • Nausea
Gastric Ulcer vs Duodenal Ulcer
Gastric Ulcer Duodenal Ulcer
Location Located in the Stomach Located in Duodenum
Pain Pain occurs shortly [1-3hr] after food intake Pain before food intake and 4-5hrs after food intake
Relation with food Food aggravates pain Food relieves pain
Weight Weight loss likely Weight gain
Complication Can cause gastric cancer The pain awakes patient in night

Complications of Ulcer

  • Hemorrhage (Bleeding)  Blood in stools and vomit, which is rare.
  • Perforation of Stomach - Fatal if prompt surgical intervention is not done.
  • The ulcer may cause acute pancreatitis due to inflammation.
  • Gastric outlet obstruction  Repeated vomiting, regurgitation of food hrs after eating, weight loss are symptoms of obstruction
  • Stomach Cancer can occur in long-standing cases.

Management of Stomach Ulcers


  • Upper GI Endoscopy
  • For H. pylori infection: a blood test, stool sample, or breath test is done

Treatment of Peptic Ulcer:

The treatment includes the use of medical and surgical therapy for ulcer

› Acid-reducing or acid-blocking agents Relieve the symptoms & promote healing.
› Antibiotics as triple therapy for H.pylori infection.
› Antacids relieve the symptoms by neutralizing the acid.
› Endoscopic therapy for a bleeding ulcer
› Surgery is required for a complicated ulcer.

Home Remedies for Ulcer

Add fruits and vegetables which contain flavonoids.

Remedies to treat and prevent ulcer
Compounds Anti-ulcer Activity
Flavonoids › Gastroprotective activity
› Anti H. pylori infection
Licorice › Increases mucus production
› Prevent H.pylori infection
Probiotics in [Yogurt, Buttermilk, kombucha] › Prevents H. pylori infections
Promotes healing
Protection of gastric mucosa
Ginger, Garlic Gastroprotective effects
Honey Antibacterial properties against H.pylori
› Promotes healing of an ulcer
Aloe Vera Reduce the acid secretion
Sources of flavonoids
Fruits Apple
Orange, lemon
Red grapes, Blueberries, cherries, cranberries
Vegetables Cabbage juice, kale, Broccoli
Other sources Legumes, Soybeans, and green tea

Things to Avoid for Better Healing

Avoid milk as it increases acid production
› Avoid smoking and alcohol
› Avoid spicy, fatty foods & coffee
› Avoid processed food and a high salt diet

Tips to Prevent Ulcer

› Maintain strict hygiene by drinking clean water, washing hands with soap, cooking food at home to prevent H. pylori Infection
› Stop smoking and limit alcohol consumption
› Take NSAIDs only if necessary, with food
› Manage stress
› Eat a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables


Pain, bloating, indigestion, nausea, and heartburn.

Ulcer feels like a dull or sharp epigastric pain or heartburn.

A long-standing gastric ulcer can cause life-threatening problems such as perforation, obstruction or cancer.

H.pylori infection and unjustified use of NSAIDs are the two most important causes

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