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Excessive usage of electronic gadgets and staring at the display screens for prolonged periods is leading to server eye-related ailments among all the sections of the society. When a digital gadget is used for more than two hours, the eyes will undergo certain strain which is known as Digital Eye Strain. All the digital devices, such as television, computers, laptops, gaming systems when used for long periods of time causes digital eye strain.


All the digital devices, such as television, computers, laptops, mobile phones, gaming systems when used for long periods of time cause the eyes to strain owing to the rays emitted from the screens. This type of strain from digital devices is known as digital eye strain or also as computer eye strain.


A few symptoms to identify digital eye strain are dryness/redness or irritated eyes, fatigue in the eyes, blurred vision, neck and shoulder pain along with back pain and headaches. The causes of these symptoms may be due to poor lighting, glare from the screens of the computers, improper viewing distances from the devices, improper seating postures and ignoring the problems in vision.


  • Washing your eyes at least 7-8 times a day keeps them hydrated.
  • Take breaks at work, working at a stretch causes strain to your eyes and also causes stiffness in the neck and back muscles owing to the posture. To avoid these, take breaks, ideally of 2 minutes for every 20 minutes that you spend working on your computer.
  • Position your screen at an arm's length and the viewing angle of the monitor should be an approximate 35 degrees
  • Eye exercises help in reducing eye strain and brings relaxation to the eyes. A good exercise is the 20-20 rule where after working for every 20 minutes, you look at an object at about 20 meters away. This relaxes eye muscles and restores eye health.
  • Blink often. When you blink, your eyes get moistened as the tear ducts produce secretion. Thus, it prevents the dryness of eyes and removes any dirt, if present.
  • Use computer glasses while working on a computer. This protects eyes by minimizing the effect of the radiation emanating from the screen.
  • A regular eye checkup once in 6 months is important to look for development of refractive errors and in those already having refractive errors, to monitor the refraction.
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